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Te Mana o te Moana - Polynesian Dances and Cultures affinity group hosted by Connexions

  • Polynesian dances and cultures group

Virtual (Facebook) international affinity group dedicated to raising awareness of and instilling love and respect for Polynesian dances and cultures in the Nordics. Has the challenging task of addressing invisibility on the one hand, and reductive stereotypes on the other. Has a goal of educating dancers to create an ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance) group in this context of invisibility/stereotypes.

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About me

Valerie Kim-Thuy Larsen

Connexions CPH, Chair

Co-founder of Connexions, Copenhagen-based association dedicated to the promotion of African dances and cultures, Polynesian dances and cultures, and world dance and culture in general.
Writer: author of Mwana – 1970s Kinshasa childhood memories told in self-referencing short stories format;
Makila, Blood on the Dance Floor – mysterious death in an ethnic dance center written as theater including dance performance;
Erzulie, A Love Story – immigrant story Haiti-United States witnessed by a vodou lwa, a dance artist encounters cultural tensions, written as theater including dance performance.
Dance Artist: non-professional with decades of experience in a wide variety of culturally rooted dance forms – African, African Diaspora, and Polynesian arts and cultures.
Doctorate in Cultural Studies. Master in Women and Gender Studies.




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