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    1 year ago
    Our association is so thrilled to support the performance installation “Embodied Journeys,” curated by Julienne Doko, to be shown June 6-10, 2023 at Den Frie Udstilling in Copenhagen.

About me

Valerie Kim-Thuy Larsen

Connexions CPH, Chair

Co-founder of Connexions, Copenhagen-based association dedicated to the promotion of African dances and cultures, Polynesian dances and cultures, and world dance and culture in general.
Writer: author of Mwana – 1970s Kinshasa childhood memories told in self-referencing short stories format;
Makila, Blood on the Dance Floor – mysterious death in an ethnic dance center written as theater including dance performance;
Erzulie, A Love Story – immigrant story Haiti-United States witnessed by a vodou lwa, a dance artist encounters cultural tensions, written as theater including dance performance.
Dance Artist: non-professional with decades of experience in a wide variety of culturally rooted dance forms – African, African Diaspora, and Polynesian arts and cultures.
Doctorate in Cultural Studies. Master in Women and Gender Studies.




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