Benefit from expert advice to enhance your practice. Whether you are an individual, a collective or a company, together we tailor sessions to your purpose.

01. Strategy

This is a journey that we take together to explore needs and possibilities over time. We then build strategies and solutions appropriate to your mission statement.

02. Management

We provide different levels of management support and guidance both online and in person. Our approach is clear, flexible but thorough and bespoke to each request.

03. Development

We have access to a global network of expertise. Skills exchange, peer learning and mentorship are tools we apply to enable personal, professional and business development.

04. Programming

We provide a supportive project team who tailor small to large scale creative programmes for businesses, charities and individuals globally, specific to our values and principles.

05. Conference

We provide speakers and bespoke packaged presentations for conferences and events that align with our mission (keynotes, panels, lecture demonstrations, workshops and excerpts for publications).

Birmingham Royal Ballet
Project/Event Management and Consultancy
dance Immersion
Strategic Planning
Kyuka Outreach — Gavin Atuhaire
One Dance UK
Programming & Strategic Planning
VCL Production