We are international, intercultural, intergenerational and cross arts.

The strength of the tribe lies with members effectively connecting, discovering and sharing. We aim to create a thriving nest of people proud to contribute and take part.

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Heather Benson, UK
Dancer, Lecturer, Producer & Manager

“Being part of the Tribe is a great opportunity to network with leading artists working in the creative industries. There still remains many gaps in provisions for artists of the African Diaspora. Kauma Arts is dedicated to building the diaspora into a more connected global community.”

June Gamble, UK
Business Development Coach

“I am excited to be part of this hub at a critical time for the arts. I believe that everybody has a contribution to make to the world and that my contribution is to enable others to be the best that they can be and to realise their purpose and vision.”

Mbulelo Ndabeni, SA
N’da Dance Company Director

“I am a South African born artist who has worked for over a decade within the creative industry in the U.K. Being part of this Tribe ensures my contribution to the global dialogue towards increasing our visibility to one another. The diaspora needs the continent and vice versa.”