Meet the Tribe.
November 2020

in the spotlight… Sandra Golding

Throughout the year, we shine a spotlight on one of our own. We showcase a member or group in the hub to help others to discover and

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Performing Sankofa

“Performing Sankofa” is structured to allow one ‘to go back and fetch what is needed’ to develop a deepened sense of awareness of the body, whilst enjoying their moving journey in a safe supportive space, facilitated by rhythm, gentle movement, breath, meditation, and dance.

Community Healing and Meditation Circle

This early morning ritual is a healthy start to any day where we energetically create space and time for self-healing. In cultivating and moving energy, this cellular activation cleansing process develops mindfulness of the body, releases tension enabling your true self to emerge achieving a collective sense of wellbeing.

Earl Grey and Fifty Shakes

Aims to encourage everyone, especially those from African-Caribbean communities, to participate regardless of ability or level of confidence in a new and exciting, relevant, therapeutic dance movement activities with an online option that will positively impact their Health and Wellbeing whilst celebrating their cultural heritage.