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February 2021.

in the spotlight… wivdrawn

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Wild-Boy is a music producer & artist from North London, UK. Known for putting together platinum single Jumanji by B Young, he first came to attention for his menacing production in defining a key phase in UK rap. Synonymous with developing upcoming talent, he has managed to set the sound and foundation for some of the UK’s finest voices.

Teeeezy C is a London based director that has begun to garner critical acclaim for his work in the world of music. Through a unique integration of grit and polish, coupled with a firm understanding of cinematography, he has been required to execute across the globe, Nairobi to Barbados, Tokyo to Chernobyl, Lagos to London. However, it is perhaps the manner in which ludicrous ideas are so naturally delivered that has poised him to make his film debut in the future.

Who is Joey Cuban? The mystery behind the North London raised prospect is still yet to be unveiled. He has featured on projects with his team (Wivdrawn) where he gives a dosage of his rap talents but is believed to be working on a project as of lately. The nature of his sound ranges from Rap & Alternative RnB all the way to Kizomba routing back to his heritage (Luanda). Cuban believes his artistry is emotionally driven & he is not restricted to genres, he simply makes the music he wants to hear.

My name’s wivdrawn kolumbia, I have traveled into the future and the past, I charted mountains in my teens even saved someone’s life! I have many sides to me, Infront of the camera and behind, on the mic also. My creativity comes from the ordinary then my brain twists it into madness.